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Terms and Conditions
Timing and Shipping

Our prices exclude shipping and handling charges. Delivery times can vary and no standard lead-time can be guaranteed. We can give you an approximate time when you order.

The estimated lead-time for your order is dependent upon the following:
  - wholesale,
  - retail,
  - size,
  - type,
  - the detailed design and complicated parts of your order,
  - the viability of your chosen items in our stock,
  - working days available for shipment,
  - distances between your country and Indonesia.

BALIQUI and other handicrafts and furniture manufacturers rarely keep stock so, as a rule, everything is made to order.

You have the choice of the shipping company and air or sea freight. For more information, please go to our page Shipping facts & costs - page.

Payment for shipping is always in US-Dollar and we may request that shipping costs be forwarded directly to the shipping company which handles your shipment or to the local handling agent.

BALIQUI is a supplier not a shipper.

Minimum order

We have set our minimums relatively low.

1) Wholesale

For wholesale orders the minimum requirement for handicrafts is US$ 2,000 (2,000 euros) and the minimum order quantity for each item will apply. The minimum requirement for furniture is one 20 ft container and the minimum order quantity for each item will apply.

We cannot provide items for wholesale orders less than the minimum quantity required (for lower quantities, please send us an email using sales@baliqui.com and your queries).

2) Retail

For retail buyers the minimum order requirement is US$ 500 (500 euros), there is no minimum quantity for an item.

We cannot provide wholesale and retail mixed orders.


Our terms for payment are simple:

For wholesale and retail orders of more than US$ 2,000 (2 000 euros): 50% payment by bank transfer at the time of order and 50% balance that is due by the time of shipping. For our banking and transfer information, please send us an email at sales@baliqui.com.

For smaller retail and sample orders under US$ 2,000 (2 000 euros), we require full payment in advance.

We can accept your payment for orders in Indonesian Rupiah, US-Dollar or Euros.

Regular Customers:

We offer discount for container orders. For details please go to discount -page.

Our regular customers enjoy special conditions and of course discounts.

Prices and terms:

Our wholesale and retail prices are quoted in US-Dollars and are not FOB (Freight On Board). Our prices exclude shipping and handling charges.

Most items are displayed with their prices and minimum quantity order (when it applies). Occasionally we may have other items without prices, in this case please send us an email at sales@baliqui.com with your queries.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice but will be updated on the website when they occur. In the unlikely event changes are made while your order is in process you will be notified and be able to accept or refuse any change.

If a refund has to be made due to a change which you are not in agreement with, we will make a full refund of the amount in question less any bank charges levied by the bank to transfer the money back to you.

Damaged or Missing Merchandise:

We make the effort to ensure that your order arrives in excellent condition. If you have a damaged or missing part, contact us at: service@baliqui.com. If products have been damaged during the shipping, please contact us immediately at: shipping@baliqui.com.

Please DO NOT RETURN the merchandise without contacting us first!

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Gianyar 80571 Bali
    - Indonesia -
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