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Shipping Facts and Cost

Do you want to understand more about how to order a mix of products that utilises cargo space more effectively? More about cargo rates, how they work? More about how to order by containers or LCL orders? More about cost effective air cargo? More about how and where to buy appropriate insurance for your order and finally, how to handle your order once it reaches your port or your airport? Then you are in the right place to find out!

Usually our wholesale customers ship using 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers for orders worth approximately US$ 5,000 to US$ 10,000 and US$ 12,000 to US$ 20,000 respectively or sometimes even smaller orders worth US$ 2,000 to US$ 5,000.Our wholesale customers understand that there are great savings in freight costs if they are using an entire container to ship, while there are still some who repeatedly order by LCL (less than a container load). We want to make our wholesale customers aware that they can waste lots of money by shipping their merchandise due to lack of information or lack of sufficient funds to order larger quantities.

Usually our retail customers ship with LCL containers on orders worth approximately US$ 1,000 to US$ 4,000 but for small orders they prefer to use air cargo.

Six ways to ship your merchandise:
1. 20 feet. Container
(around 25 cubic meters), sea cargo.
2. 40 feet. Container (around 55 cubic meters), sea cargo.
3. 40 feet. High Cube Container (around 60 cubic meters), sea cargo.
4. 45 feet. High Cube Container (around 70 cubic meters), sea cargo
5. LCL (less than a container - charged per cubic meter with a minimum of 1 or 2 meter cube depending on the destination), sea cargo.
6. Air Cargo.

Why do we say “around” when we give you the volume available in a container? Because the volume loaded in a container depends on the nature and the weight of the merchandise. If you load a container with feathers, you will certainly use the full capacity but with handicrafts and furniture, it is a bit more difficult! This is one of the examples where our expertise is second to none.

LCL Containers & Full Containers:

To ship by container is useful for wholesale customers and ship LCL container is useful for retail customers.

After your merchandise is properly packed and official government documentation is completed, the shipment will then be transported to the port of Bali or Surabaya, East Java (which is the closest international shipping port to Bali). In Bali, due to the size of the equipment, the shipping company can only ship 20 ft and 40 ft containers. For larger containers, Surabaya is the closest international port that can provide the facilities.

In case your LCL shipment is just a few wooden crates and does not fill a container (like for a retail order) then it must wait at the port while the cargo company consolidates your order with other small orders going in the same direction. Specifically, that means your crates are on hold while the shipping company waits for enough orders to combine with yours to fill a container. The usual waiting time is 2 to 4 weeks.

We often say to our wholesale customers the larger the container is, the higher your savings. Count for yourself. We can pre-plan with the cargo company which ship the container will be on. There is practically no chance for delays. Containers going to the United States get there in 30 days or less, to Europe it usually needs 3 to 4 weeks. For LCL containers it will take 1 to 2 weeks more than for a full container.

Our advice, plan your order as much as possible and you will get the best deal for your money.

Air Cargo:

Every now and then a new customer wants an order sent via air cargo. This is still the fastest way to ship, but also more expensive.

Most customers believe that air cargo is charged by kilogram but this is not so. Airlines, in fact, do charge by kilogram but also by volume. A standard carton box is 50 x 58 x 33 cm (20 x 23 x 13 inches). According to the airlines’ calculation, that carton's volume is equal to about 15 kilos (33 pounds). If there is less than 15 kilos of product in that carton box, then you will still pay for 15 kilos. If there is more than 15 kilos, you pay more.

Let us say the air cargo rate for you is about US$ 4 per kilo, that carton will cost you in cargo expenses at least US$ 60. In general, we say that for some retail orders or for wholesalers ordering small products with high retail value it works fine to use air cargo. In addition, for some of our clients time is very important. Receiving your goods within a week can really make a difference.

Another situation in which air cargo can be extremely effective is that many of our wholesale customers take a small portion of their sea cargo orders via air so they can have samples quickly for their buyers or fill-in some inventory needs. Some of our retail customers often ask us to ship a part of their order by sea cargo and the other part by air cargo.

Cargo Rates:

If you want us to take care of your shipment and all the necessary official documentation (certificate of origin, B/L, commercial invoice and packing list, quotas visa, insurance, etc), we will. We have all the necessary contacts to reliable shipping companies here and it is one of our duties to get the best available rates - we can e-mail or fax you quotations for requested destinations. After receiving your query for an order, we will check for cargo rates with different shipping companies and forward you only the best deal we can get.

The reason for this is simple, most of the time we can get better cargo rates here than you can locally. You can always check for yourself to try and get even better rates. We do not make any money on packing or cargo related expenses. Whichever rate is best for you that is the way we work with our customers. If you already have a handling agent or shipping agent here in Indonesia we will get in touch with them.


Insurance for your shipment can be purchased in Indonesia from the cargo company, but you can also check with your local insurance agent where you usually buy your house, car or business insurance. Insurance purchased in Indonesia can be relatively expensive. In addition and most importantly, collecting a claim from an Indonesian carrier or insurance company can sometimes be a life-long event and in general, not worth the hassle. Generally, when we receive an order we will estimate costs for the shipment. This is not always easy because the weight of handicrafts of the same sort may vary in the same way as the look does. That is the nature of handicrafts.

Sometimes we also advise to upgrade or downgrade the volume of your order to get the best deal for your shipment. As you can see, it is necessary that both you and ourselves take great care with regard to the mix of products in your order and how we go about shipping your order.

We hope that all this information gives you a better spectrum for your decision-making. Our Team is always working hard to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

For your convenience here are contact details for local reliable transport companies:

Khrisna Bali Int'l Cargo:
sales@khrisnabalicargo.com Fax: +62 361 756656

Limajari Cargo:

MSA Cargo:
msadps@indo.net.id Fax: +62 361 235025

Wika Line Bali:
wikaline@balicargo.com Fax: +62 361 723131

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