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About Us

BALIQUI is an Indonesian - company with a strong management leading the team.
Our Representative-Office in Indonesia is based in Ubud - Bali.

BALIQUI. COM Contact the Management: Services :
Tebesaya, Peliatan - Ubud
Gianyar 80571,
- Indonesia -
Iwan :
Yahoo Messenger id: atbaliqui / MSN Messenger id : atbaliqui

This website is a brand new version renewed and corrected due to new technologies. We hope you will appreciate the efforts we make daily to stay up to date in this fast moving business industry. Any comments will be greatly appreciated and considered. Please do so by using guest book - page or send us an email at contact us - page.

At BALIQUI we try to make business as simple as possible. We are very much aware that we are offering handicraft products  from a tropical, developing country that has been in a financial and political crisis over the last few years. We have found that the crisis has not had an effect on Indonesia's ability to produce good quality products for export. By producing and ordering from experienced manufacturers BALIQUI is able to ship products in a cost effective, timely manner.

Our main export market is Europe, United States, Australia, South Africa and major Asian markets like Japan and Singapore. This is mainly due to new technologies, especially the Internet, which has given us the chance to be known worldwide.

With your orders you also support Indonesia's crafts men and women who are very much dependent on the export trade of their manufactured products to make a living. BALIQUI is committed to supporting the local industry by ordering direct from manufacturers . We personally manage and supervise every detail, from design through to manufacturing and shipping, assuring the finest quality.

As you can see by looking through our web site, our range of products is vast with over 2000 products. We are wholesale suppliers at container volume and an on line retail shop. We consider that wholesale suppliers know their market better than us, and therefore it is our aim to supply exactly what you need to succeed in this market. Within the boundaries of our capabilities we will work with you to get the right product, at the right price for your market.

Furthermore, we hope that with our products from Indonesia our customers will help to promote our very interesting culture.

From BALIQUI you will receive only the finest quality products that are manufactured with respect to the culture and the environment that they represent.


You can count on us, we will be there anytime!

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  Peliatan - Ubud
Gianyar 80571 Bali
    - Indonesia -
iwan@baliqui.com sales@baliqui.com